Property Management / Maintenance


An essential part of Facilities Management Services is Maintenance Services and we offer an integrated maintenance support to our clients.


We have complete solution for providing electrical fitments, repairs and upkeep of lighting and electrical appliances in any residential or commercial buildings. Our experienced team gives you hassle free Electrical Maintenance.

Our engineering service includes Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Solutions.


Dealing with several vendors to accomplish several repair and maintenance tasks can be time consuming – and expensive, too. As a proven single-source solution, we can streamline the entire maintenance management process into a well-planned and consolidated model. For multi-location clients, the cost savings can be significant, especially given the size and buying power – we have leverage with vendors to drive even greater savings for you.

  • Cost effectiveness due to our relationship and bulk buying from vendors.
  • Scheduled audits to ensure seamless functioning.
  • Lesser lead time and quick response to breakdowns.
  • Hassle-free and prompt solutions 24X7

Looking for an experienced and professional maintenance service provider for your premises?