Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training and FFS

Firefighters play a vital role in public safety by responding immediately to fires and other emergencies. Although these emergency situations are being addressed by the local fire department as a facility management company, we ensure that our personnel are well trained and equipped to efficiently respond to these type of situations. Through simulation exercises and other hands-on training, we make ours on-duty personnel familiar with how to use and operate fire engines, fire extinguishers, ladders, hoses, axes, and other firefighting equipment until the local fire department team arrives and takes the charge.

Flying Fire Services is a leading fire safety training company with years of experience in technical and functional training of fire safety. The FFS Training course portfolio is comprehensive, offering accredited fire training course, this course is part of the mandatory basic fire safety training module implemented by SOM Pro for their personnel with designated safety duties. It deals with the precautions needed to minimize the risk of fires, how fires are caused and how to extinguish them. There is plenty of practical training, with a focus on using firefighting equipment and breathing apparatus to extinguish various types and sizes of fires including casualty rescue in smoke-filled enclosed spaces.

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