S.no.Particulars/ Details must be uploaded by the contractorsDescription
1Name/ Address of websiteswww.somprofacilities.com
2Name of the contractors EstablishmentM/S PRO-Align Security India Pvt Ltd
3Address of the contractors (Registered office)103, 1st Floor Anchal Plazza, Greater Kailash, New Delhi
4Address of the Establishment/ Branch office where contract workers are to be enggagedDT CINEMA GK -II
5Nature of work for which contract workmen are to be employedParking
6Name of the ProprietorHansraj Dagar
7Date of Start of business1-Jun-16
8Date of intial agreement with the PE (working since with PE)1-Jun-16
9Mobile No. of Contractors9810303682
10Email ID Of Contractorhr@somprofacilities.com
11Labour License No of Contractor and valid uptoA/F
12Registration no under the registration Act 1908
13Registration no under the Partnership Act 1932
14Registration no under the Companies Act 1956U7499HR2014PTC053370
15Registration No. under the Delhi Shop & Establishment Act, 19542015059331
16Registration No. of Employee ESI Act. 194820690553140011001
17Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952GNGGN1077818
18Service Tax Registration No.AAHCP8513HSD002
19Sale Tax Registration No.06701838496
20Pan Card No.AAHCP8513H

DT Cinema GK-II Parking: Greater Kailash, Delhi : Important Resources

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